RIM – Registered International Mover


What is a RIM® Certified Mover?

The Registered International Mover® Program has been designed with the help and input of many of the moving industry’s top executives and consultants. The Registered International Mover® Program has been created to provide customers of International Household Goods relocation services with a standardized, independent means of differentiating and selecting qualified moving companies operating anywhere in the world. Furthermore, we hope to establish universal industry standards while raising the overall level of professionalism and performance of international moving companies and their personnel. Through the training and certification process we can identify a core body of knowledge, procedures, documents and skills embodied in the training and measured in the certification programs, which reduces the number of service failures, improves customer satisfaction and elevates the consistency of quality service of certified companies and individuals.

What does the company’s RIM® Certification mean?

The RIM® Program is committed to providing the International Household Goods moving and storage industry, and therefore its customers, with the highest level of quality, and a system of training designed to provide the highest level of service.

What makes a company eligible for RIM® Certification?

A company must have a minimum of three years of successful experience in providing International Household Goods Relocation Services. The individual who is in charge of the International department of a moving company must study the RIM® Certification Manual and pass the RIM® Certification Examination. Furthermore, the company must meet specific RIM® standards for equipment and facilities to handle International Household Goods moves. These standards are verified by on-site inspection of the companies under authorization of the RIM® Program.

What distinguishes a RIM® Certified Company?

Having been officially certified by virtue of training, testing and inspection as a RIM® Certified Company by the American Moving and Storage Association, a RIM® Certified Company must pledge to uphold and advance the following ideals and principles which constitute the RIM® Code of Conduct and Ethical Practices:

  • TO PLEDGE to provide honest, time-sensitive, cost-efficient, quality-driven international Household Goods Moving & Storage services, placing particular emphasis at all times on claims reduction and customer satisfaction
  • TO HANDLE all customer household goods entrusted to our care with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity
  • TO BE CONSCIOUS and considerate of customer needs and continually seek ways to improve the services which we provide
  • TO ENGAGE in on-going continuing education and training, both formally and on-the-job
  • TO PERFORM services as a RIM® company with the highest level of concern for the safety and welfare of fellow workers
  • TO UNDERSTAND that the company is a representative of the RIM® Program at all times and will therefore strictly adhere to a policy of truth, honesty, integrity and fairness in all dealings with customers and the general public
  • TO ADHERE to rules and regulations of the RIM® Certification Program
  • TO STRICTLY comply with all U.S. Federal and State trade regulations and Anti-trust laws

Your Moving Company’s participation in the RIM® Program

While participation in the RIM® Program is encouraged for qualified companies, certification through the RIM Program is strictly voluntary. Therefore, the American Moving and Storage Association can make no claims about the quality of services provided by a RIM® Certified Company. However, companies which do not participate in the RIM® program are strictly prohibited from using the RIM® credential for any purpose, including and without limitation, marketing or promotion.